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This isn’t a review. I bought Mage Gauntlet the other day. I was quite excited about it, I haven’t been nose deep in an adventure/RPG type game since Okami probably. The idea of some 16bit style action in this vein was alluring. On iOS, ten minutes is enough time to go to the app store, search […]

Ode to a buddy


This post is about Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo was, is, a tremendous experience and I was lucky enough to experience both the multiplayer (countless trips round London dragging consoles, pads and leads) and singleplayer fully. I got lost in that game many times, I loved it. I loved being in that world. Anyone who’s played […]

Monstermind is the beast-in-beta Facebook game sprung from the grimy dubstepping fixie-riding London loins of Bossa Studios. And guess what? It involves building a city. Excuse me I just passed out for several hours thanks to acute déjà vu. But wait, is this city-building look simply a facade? The familiarity shouldn’t scare off regular Facebook […]

This was originally posted on 19th September 2011 Round 1 This morning while hanging washing on the clothes horse like the diligent house husband I occasionally am, my 15 month old son pulled excitedly on a sock I’d just hung, causing the whole thing to keel over, knock him on the head and then return […]

      On how social gaming companies are sniffing out the scent of desire and homing directly in on it.     This was originally posted on 16th September 2011  It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. Like Skynet, the fictional self aware network from Terminator 2, social games and the new wave […]