Stuff that pisses me off about eBay


Banner Ads from the 90s

Low rent adverts with crazy flashing “10,000th visitor” animated gif styles, which pop down after loading the page. So I go to click in the search box and then the whole page is pushed down as the ad loads and is displayed, which means my cursor is now possibly over the advert.

Sorry did I jog you?

This annoys me when trying to adjust my search term too. So let’s say I type something into the search box, press enter and then I quickly see the results aren’t what I want, or I forgot a word – I click into the search box again and start typing and … hold on, as the page has loaded it takes me out of the search box. What this means is if for example I’m trying to delete one word from the search term I originally entered, I tap backspace a couple of times and then the page takes me out of the search box, so that pressing backspace now navigates me backwards one page for each press. Bloody annoying.

Pop ups

Now Chrome blocks pop ups by default, but they still signal an unwanted intrusion. I didn’t grab a picture but I noticed these a few times while looking on the bay today.

The eBay DJ

Not sure if it was a rogue advert, but all of a sudden music exploded out of my computer. I wondered if it was Spotify, but no, after flicking through the dozens of tabs I had open it was eBay. Great! Everyone loves autoplay ads.

All your search belong to us

This little pop up reminds me that they are watching me (only just caught it as it was fading here but you get the idea. Arguably it’s quite useful, but absolutely isn’t needed as a pop up.

In case you missed the ads earlier.

I’m no stranger to online ads. I work in Social Media, my wife works in online advertising and marketing. I know what is a good example of an advert and what is horrible. This doesn’t match up with some horrors I’ve seen (shame on you The Economist & Rolex) but this list of ‘sponsored links’ pretty bad and unnecessarily large.

All of these things add up to give me a bit of a flea market impression. Arguably that’s what eBay is! But come on – I’m sure this is not what they’re aiming for. Using the mobile version and the app is a lot better and cleaner an experience.


One Response to “Stuff that pisses me off about eBay”

  1. I think it’s a great shame that eBay feel the need to have adverting throughout their website at all (I am sure they could develop their business model in such a way that avoids the use of it). Such a practice seems to contradict their constant efforts to improve buyer and seller experiences… and the poor quality advertising that you describe just lowers the standards of a site.

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