Feedback for NBA.TV – an open letter


Dear NBA.TV,

In answer to your question:

“Why were you dissatisfied with NBA LEAGUE PASS? What, specifically, could be improved?

Please be as specific as possible.”

Here is my answer:

Kobe angry. Kobe always angry.


Firstly, The user experience over the different platforms is horrible.

It could be greatly improved. So far this last season I’ve had to ‘unlock’ my account several times. I AM THE ONLY PERSON WHO USES MY ACCOUNT. I’ve emailed the useless customer support about this but there was no resolution to the problem.

I love the NBA, but I’m sick of fighting a battle with the apps in order to try and use them. Wake up – people want to to use the service over different platforms. I might be watching on my phone, ipad, xbox, laptop, and Chromecast if there was an app. Where is the Chromecast app COME ON!

I’ve had to tell each different platform that I DON’T WANT SPOILERS – I DON’T WANT THE SCORES ON SCREEN. Why, why isn’t this the default setting? WHY? I’ve ruined half a dozen games because I’ve had the temerity to log in on a piece of technology that I hadn’t before. Preferences like that should be applicable over all devices!

Where is the Chromecast app?

KG angry. KG always angry.


Xbox Live app: Takes forever to load. Had the same background music for 2 years. When it loads up and for some reason it’s logged you out again (AGAIN!)…what is the video that begins to play automatically? Oh look it’s a highlight video of last nights games which I have to try and close down frantically before I’m rewarded by my investment with more spoilers. THANKS!

Xbox Live app: Oh it crashed, let me skip back to where I was in the game because the app doesn’t save it. (Why doesn’t it save it?) Wait, to get to the 3rd quarter I have to ‘Fast Forward’? Oh my God that is EXACTLY how I want to spend the next 7 minutes of my life, thank you very much.

Xbox Live app: Watch one game (wow, you got lucky), the system auto plays the next game – which is kind of fine, right? Except it has never ever ever worked. It instead flips through each one telling me there was an error streaming it. So to watch 2 matches in a night I have to quit the app and load it again.

NeuLion. I know you guy made the app because your stupid name is plastered everywhere. YOU SUCK.

Video quality. going on the video quality I receive at various point of different NBA matches I might assume I am using a flaky 3G signal from a cave in the middle of nowhere. WRONG! Wireless or wired to my fibre optic 100mb Nordic super reliable for everything else connection, I have matches flicking from reasonably high resolution (JOY!) to a full screen rendition of a 90s realplayer video.

I can’t begin to list the ways you could improve it here. You need to overhaul the User Experience. I’m not consulting you on it for free in this text box which no one is going to pay attention to anyway. But pay someone to, and pay them a lot and make sure they are really good at it.

Kendrick angry. Yeah, we get it.


You want like €20 a month for this service. That is a premium price. You provide a service that is not in any way premium. That is why I quit my subscription half way through the season.

I love the NBA. I hate not watching it. But I also hate fighting with your apps to watch it. Both situations make me sad.

Thanks, I hope you improve next year – and I sure hope you continue the group discount option I noticed on the playoffs!



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