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Buses. Buses in London easily have enough space for 3 big pushchairs/prams. BUT, as if that level of actual usefulness was too much – to counter it they’ve installed a big metal bar from floor to ceiling which doesn’t travel straight down, but bends. So it’s very difficult to even fit 2 buggies in. That […]

Banner Ads from the 90s Low rent adverts with crazy flashing “10,000th visitor” animated gif styles, which pop down after loading the page. So I go to click in the search box and then the whole page is pushed down as the ad loads and is displayed, which means my cursor is now possibly over […]

I have killed a lot. I’ve rarely felt bad about it during or afterwards. In videogames, success depends on the death of others, whether it’s an infinitely respawning slime in a cave or the fictional President of some South American country you have to snipe from a mile away. Generally, no matter how realistic the […]

This was originally posted on 19th September 2011 Round 1 This morning while hanging washing on the clothes horse like the diligent house husband I occasionally am, my 15 month old son pulled excitedly on a sock I’d just hung, causing the whole thing to keel over, knock him on the head and then return […]

This post was originally written and posted on 13th September 2011.  On drawing lines in the sand and why indie game makers are stupid. According to wikipedia, the official term for a Skinner box is Operant Conditioning Chamber, which is a much cooler name. It’s a place that they (scientists probably, like from Half Life) […]