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Monstermind is the beast-in-beta Facebook game sprung from the grimy dubstepping fixie-riding London loins of Bossa Studios. And guess what? It involves building a city. Excuse me I just passed out for several hours thanks to acute déjà vu. But wait, is this city-building look simply a facade? The familiarity shouldn’t scare off regular Facebook […]

      On how social gaming companies are sniffing out the scent of desire and homing directly in on it.     This was originally posted on 16th September 2011  It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. Like Skynet, the fictional self aware network from Terminator 2, social games and the new wave […]

Like that other post but better. One day several years ago I sat in a meeting with my boss and two guys. I’m not sure who out of the visitors was larger and who was smaller, they were both fat. They had come to preach that day to us about the promised land, the carrier […]

This post was originally written and posted on 13th September 2011.  On drawing lines in the sand and why indie game makers are stupid. According to wikipedia, the official term for a Skinner box is Operant Conditioning Chamber, which is a much cooler name. It’s a place that they (scientists probably, like from Half Life) […]

This is a breakdown of the very successful free to play game Tiny Tower, currently only available on iOS. This post was originally written on 22nd July 2011. If you want to know why Tiny Tower works, read on.      Tiny Tower is a free to play app on iOS. You’ve probably heard of it, […]